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Also, in 38 percent of marriages that involve a working wife, she earns more than he does.

Second, they looked at individuals, finding that what people want in a partner had a lot to do with his or her gender-equal attitudes — people with traditional mindsets tend to prefer the combination of male breadwinning and female fertility and domestic skills.Interestingly, though, getting a message from a black guy didn’t mean that women would look at all other races. Again Asian women were among the outliers; once contacted by someone from another race, their interracial exchanges went up 238%.For Asian men it was 222%, and for black women it was more than 100%.Evolutionary scientists are now challenging the common view that mate choices are evolutionarily “hardwired” in our brains.Instead, they suggest that humans are programmed to respond to changing environments and norms with great flexibility.

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But it does seem to provide something that’s been lacking from the world of online-dating trends — some hopeful news that biases may be breaking down and discrimination may be getting weaker as people text their way to love.

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