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Dating wedgwood queensware

Created Basalt Bust 1910 (Presumed)Created Basalt Bust21 June 1910 - 1910 (Presumed)Apprenticed Albert Arthur Toft 1883Listed as a modeller in the 'List of Hands on Works', 1883 (Wedgwood Archives).

The artist was living/based in Etruria, Staffordshire. See also 'Birmingham Sculptor', Birmingham Mail, 10 October, 1925, in 'Birmingham Biography', vol. 125-126; this article notes that 'as a youth he [Toft] was apprenticed to the famous firm of Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, at Etruria, as a modeller for pottery'.

See also a hand written note book with works by Simon Birks and Joseph Birks that were produced while the artists were employed at Wedgwood, and details of salaries, dated 1871-1874[see The Wedgwood Manuscripts, Wedwgood Archives, E49 29547]. Adams19 November 1868 - 1872 (Circa)Listed in the 'Hiring Book 1837-1892' as a maker of plaques and moulds. The artist is listed in the source as 'William Adams': it is probable although not certain that this is the same artist [summary].

See two photographs of these Jasper medallions of Edward VII and George V in the Wedgwood Museum Digital Archive, both of which are recorded as being originally designed by Hampton in 1910 [reference no.s MED134, 149]. Tittensor 1914 (Presumed) - 1919 (Presumed)Listed as a Potter in Wedgwood's 'Roll of Honour' 1914-1919. Allman 1914 (Presumed) - 1919 (Presumed)Listed as a Potter in Wedgwood's 'Roll of Honour' 1914-1919. Employees included Anna Zinkeisen 1924 (Circa)Modelled the plaques for Wedgwood in 1924: see Reilly and Savage, 'The Dictionary of Wedgwood' (1980), pp. See photographs of plaques 'Sun and Wind', 'Adam' and 'Eve' all of which are dated c. Employees included John Rattenbury Skeaping 1926 (Circa)Produced a number of animal figures for Wedgwood.[The Wedgwood Manuscripts, reference number E31-23877-23891]. Designers included Benjamin Edward (or Evans) Spence 1867Design produced for Wedgwood in 1867. Employed Edward Davis 1860 (Circa)Produced a bronze figure of Josiah Wedgwood in 1860 for the entrance to Stoke on Trent railway station: see Reilly and Savage, 'The Dictionary of Wedgwood' (1980), p. Employees included Benjamin Tittensor Carter See Haggar, 'Dictionary' (1947), unpaged; listed as an 'Assistant Designer', no dates are given.This was modelled by William Beattie: see Reilly and Savage, 'The Dictionary of Wedgwood' (1980), p. Designers included Millicent Jane Taplin 1937 (Circa) - 1957 (Circa)Directors included John Edwin Goodwin Art Director [see Haggar (1953), p. Directors included Cecil Wedgwood 1884 (Circa)Listed as Director in Wedgwood's 'Roll of Honour', 1914-1919. Employees included James Astbury Hammersley 1844 (Circa) - 1845 (Circa)Hammersley either employed at Etruria or modelled designs for Wedgwood during this period: see Reilly and Savage, 'The Dictionary of Wedgwood' (1980), 182.294-295, who give dates of employment between c.1878-1883.See also a number of photographs of 'Pate-sur-Pate Vases' dated c.

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