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That’s probably how he saw it then too if I’m being honest with myself. His tone over the years with me had changed from the “this is what I would do” model he employed with me as a young man to more of being a guiding force, who just listened and occasionally pointed me back in the right direction.The time was spent mostly letting me talk through it myself and find the answer in my own time.I loved the pride in his voice when we would stop together, survey our path below, and he’d say,”Tear it up, Son! Anyone who has ever skied knows the downtime on the lift, coupled with a three hour drive each way, and the conversations that one might have the time to have. Even exceed his accomplishments as is the dream of all good fathers for their children.” These moments were important in my life, to realize I could do something as well or better than him and to hear his pride in me watching me do something I was good at. No distractions, radios, televisions, cell phones, none of that. It was there he taught me, led me, guided me to the conclusions that he already knew. Using a skiing metaphor, he would tell me “Don’t look at the tips of your skis, extend your vision.” It was during these conversations he built me, helped restore my confidence, and prepared me to become a man he would be proud of.I was considering leaving my first sales job ever, something that I loved and made me also realize that I had a bit of his spark in me when it came to selling.

He never complained about his health, instead he and I would the review the various challenges in our respective careers.I knew he could sense in me that I had found my path, how I could make a living, and I could sense his pride.I was interviewing for a new role, they had offered me the job.Jean was a dear person to our family and known as Ms. She had cut my Son's hair for 3 years and he wouldn't let anyone else cut his hair unless they were Ms. To lose someone with so much left to share with the world is terribly difficult. Just know you have been and will continue to be in my prayers My heartfelt sympathy to Jaden's family and friends.

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We had many good times at "Hill"..was a wonderful college friend. My Jeannie, growing up ,sharing a bedroom,hanging out together, I am so very thankful I have so many memories. We have faith we will hang out again someday, until then...an eye on us.

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