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Dead man dating lori handeland

*–Urban Books (reprint) Graham, Heather–Killing Kelly *–Mira (reprint) Harris, Lori L.–Secret Alibi * (The Blade Brothers of Cougar County)–Harlequin Intrigue #907 Herron, Rita–In a Heartbeat *–Harlequin Hingle, Metsy–Black Silk *–Mira Jackson, Lisa–Fatal Burn *–Zebra James, Elle–Beneath the Texas Moon *–Harlequin Intrigue #906 Janzen, Tara–The Mission: Crazy Kisses *–Dell Ladd, Linda–Head to Head *–Pinnacle Long, Julie Anne–Beauty and the Spy–Warner Miles, Cassie–Undercover Colorado * (Rocky Mountain Safe House)–Harlequin Intrigue #904 Montana, Lynn–Running for Cover *–Avon O’Brien, Kathleen–Quiet as the Grave *–Harlequin Phillips, Patricia Anne–Last Bride Standing *–Dafina Roberts, Kelsey–The Last Landry * (The Landry Brothers)–Harlequin Intrigue #903 Shaw, Sophia–Depths of Desire *–Dafina Strohmeyer, Sarah–Bubbles Betrothed *–Onyx (reprint) Webb, Debra–Vows of Silence *–Harlequin Wilde, Lori–You Only Love Twice *–Warner Wisdom, Linda Randall–Memories After Midnight *–Silhouette Int.

Moments #1409 Young, Donna–Engaging Bodyguard *–Harlequin Intrigue #908 February 2006 Apodaca, Jennifer–Thrilled to Death *–Kensington (HC) Barr, Nevada–Hard Truth *– Berkley Bebris, Carrie–Suspense and Sensibility–Forge (literary mystery series reprint) Brand. Moments #1403 Brennan, Allison–The Hunt *–Ballantine Caine, Leslie–Manor of Death *–Ballantine Cowan, Debra–Wild Fire *–Silhouette Int.

Together, they produced Dead Witch Walking, and her first book was published in paperback by Harper Torch in 2004.

J.–Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch * ( Montana Mystique)–Harlequin Intrigue #897 Eichler, Selma–Murder Can Run Your Stockings *–Signet Fairstein, Linda–Entombed *–Pocket Star (trade pb) Fetzer, Amy J.–Naked Truth *–Kensington Fluke, Joanne–Cherry Cheesecake Murder *–Kensington (HC) Fluke, Joanne–Peach Cobbler Murder *Kensington Forster, Rebecca–Privileged Witness *–Signet Garvey, Amy–I Love You to Death *–Kensington Brava (trade pb) Gibson, Rachel–Sex, Lies, and Online Dating *–Avon Handeland, Lori–Crescent Moon *– St.

The links below provide more information about each book, and often include a synopsis, reviews, and picture of the book’s cover.

* = Contemporary Setting HC = Hardcover May 2006 Anderson, Sheryl J.–Killer Cocktail *– St.

Moments #1417 Ferrarella, Marie–The Woman Who Wasn’t There *–Silhouette Int.

Moments #1415 Fowler, Earlene– Delectable Mountains *– Berkley (reprint) Herron, Rita–Return to Falcon Ridge *–Harlequin Intrigue #918 (modern gothic) Johnston, Linda O.–Fine Feathered Death *– Berkley Leto, Julie Elizabeth– New Orleans Nights *–Harlequin London, Julia–Extreme Bachelor *– Berkley Maclean, Anna–Louisa and the Crystal Gazer –Signet (historical mystery) Marton, Dana–Protective Measures *–Harlequin Intrigue #917 Michaels, Kasey–Beware of Virtuous Women –Harlequin Mills, Jenna–Killing Me Softly *–Harlequin Monique, Ingrid–This Tiime *–Dafina Monroe, Lucy–And Able *–Kensington Brava (trade pb) Montgomery, Selena–Hidden Sins *–Harper Torch Morgan, Hunter–Unspoken Fear *–Zebra Pence, Joanne–To Catch a Cook *– Avon (reissue and repackaged) Quick, Amanda–Lie by Moonlight –Jove (reprint) Rosenberg, Nancy Taylor–Sullivan’s Evidence *–Kensington (HC) Ryan, Sydney–High-Heeled Alibi *–Harlequin Intrigue #919 Sawyer, Cheryl–Code of Love –Signet Eclipse (trade pb) Skye, Christina–Code Name: Blondie *–Harlequin Smythe, Sheridon–Completely Irresistible *–Love Spell St.

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Moments #1405 Miller, Julie–Search and Seizure * (The Precinct)–Harlequin Intrigue #898 Mullins, Debra–Scandal of the Black Rose–Avon Neggers, Carla–Breakwater *–Mira Paige, Robin–Death at Blenheim Palace– Berkley (historical mystery series) Parker, Barbara–Suspicion of Rage *–Signet Pence, Joanne–Red Hot Murder *– Avon Robb, J.

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