Drashti and gurmeet dating astrology cusp dating

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But when he gets hurt, he goes into a shell, and will not let anyone know that he is hurt.

That's what I dislike about Guru.” After Debina managed to make Gurmeet accept his feelings for her, the courtship period began.

Once he gave me a rose and I could smell it from far off as he had sprinkled so much of rose water on it. As for Gurmeet, he is fond of the first bouquet that Debina gave to him, and calls it the best surprise.

Gurmeet Sitaram Choudhary is one of the well known Indian television actor and model.

But mind you, this is not a clichéd Bollywood-style romantic story that you can expect from these two. Well, simply because Gurmeet is a very confused lover. Debina's words will explain everything: “Gurmeet would do all those things, which no boyfriend in this world would think of doing.

His surprises, gifts were never planned and were extremely funny. But irrespective of all this, I knew how pure and genuine his love was for me.” This was the best surprise that Gurmeet planned, according to Debina.

turned into a real one by tying the knot on February 15, 2011.

They were both among the top 30 contestants and became friends soon, but there was nothing more than that between the two.

The credit of their moving on from the 'friendship' phase to the 'lover' phase goes to their friends.

In his stint in Gurmeet Choudhary daily soaps, he has definitely proved his mettle as an actor and has made his way to the known faces of television.

To know some details about Gurmeet Choudhary age, Gurmeet Choudhary personal life and more, keep reading Gurmeet Choudhary wiki. Gurmeet Choudhary birthday is a special occasion for him and his wife Debina and he celebrates it with his friends and family.

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Drashti was quite angry and blamed the media for creating such fake stories just to raise the eye balls, “It’s quite offending.