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Flash xml updating

In this part I will show you how to do the two final actions, updating your database and deleting records from it.

Last week I explained how to create a link for each record to point to your update script.

As with HTTP cookies, local shared objects can be used by web sites to collect information on how people navigate them, although users have taken steps to restrict data collection.

On 10 August 2009, Wired magazine reported that more than half of the top websites used local shared objects to track users and store information about them but only four of them mentioned it in their privacy policy.

By using the $id variable you output links which would pass the correct ID to the script so that it can update the database.

Using this you can then create the update script, which will actually have two sections to it.

$id=$_GET['id']; $username="username"; $password="password"; $database="your_database"; mysql_connect(localhost,$username,$password); $query=" SELECT * FROM contacts WHERE id='$id'"; $result=mysql_query($query); $num=mysql_numrows($result); mysql_close(); $i=0; while ($i As you can see, this code will output a standard form, but instead of having blank boxes like on the form for inserting a new record, this one already has the current information from the database inserted into it.

This makes it much more effective for an update script.

Backing up files such as these requires some technical understanding of software.Also on January 5, 2011, Adobe Systems, Google Inc., and Mozilla Foundation finalized a new browser API (dubbed NPAPI Clear Site Data).This will allow browsers implementing the API to clear local shared objects.Those created in a regular session are also not accessible in privacy mode.So far you have learnt how to put information into your My SQL database, view the information in it and select which information you would like to view.

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"Flash cookies are relatively unknown to web users," it said, "even if a user thinks they have cleared their computer of tracking objects, they most likely have not." The article further says that some websites use Flash cookies as hidden backups, so that they can restore HTTP cookies deleted by users.