Iphone hang updating apps

Posted by / 15-Dec-2017 00:58

Even our team members that I showed the draft of this post to (people I consider i Phone experts), all picked up at least a tip or two that they weren’t already aware of. Tapping the status bar (the bar at the top with the clock) will make scrollable content scroll to the top.

But I suspect that a lot of you are more casual i Phone users and will find this list useful.As with taking screenshots, the image will get stored in the “Saved Photos” library of the Photos app. This one’s actually somewhat intuitive but I was surprised by how many people aren’t aware of it.Along somewhat similar lines, a handy way of saving a tap when you need to type a capital letter is to touch the Shift key then slide over to the desired key. Do you need to type an umlauted-u (ü) but you’re not using the German keyboard?So to ensure that your phone is using as little battery as possible, you’re best off always pressing the Home button before locking so that no app remains running.To turn your phone completely off, press the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds then drag the red slider that appears. The two situation that I usually do this is when I’m almost out of battery and when my phone is acting kind of wonky.

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