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Upon further investigation, there’s a Twitter account by the same name from someone named Jim Gilbert. Plus, Emily is being a bit more open about her relationship, posting photos with this new guy. The last we heard of her love life, she was dating Jimmy Tatro, but it seems like they’re over.The Hannah Montana star has even mentioned her “boyfriend” on multiple occasions. Emily Osment Network at Emily is an unofficial fansite.

And the series will only continue to push the limits even more in its sophomore season, especially with Josh living his best life as an uber-rich, single bachelor.Well, she’s finally (kind of) revealed his identity — and we think that we’ve figured out who he is.Emily recently regrammed her friend’s photo, and it definitely looks like a double date. Her bestie tagged the mystery guy as an account called @dumpsterbaby55. It’s not 100% confirmed, but it definitely seems like that’s him.Ashley Tisdale, who also produces the series, will reprise her memorable role in a dream sequence."Logan shows up in a dream sequence, which was hilarious to shoot," Osment dished.

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"Because everybody knows how Josh feels about Gabi, except for Gabi.