Massage therapist dating clients

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Massage therapist dating clients

Cherie Sohnen-Moe in her book “The Ethics of Touch” says that ” practitioners must have a thorough understanding of the meaning of the therapeutic relationship; power differential, transference ; counter-transference; projection; repression; and denial.” Much of what is written for the massage profession does not do justice to the extent of the therapeutic relationship and how it can actually influence the success or failure of a massage business.

In order to be fully present in the therapeutic relationship, it is critical for the therapist to be self aware and personally responsible….

Or, if you're developing strong feelings for your therapist, it might be best to move on.

Confession time: Have you ever developed a crush on a massage therapist? Or did you ever get the feeling that a therapist was hitting on you?

"To her surprise," continues Reinisch, "he blurted out that he was also crazy about her." Long story short: They kissed right there, started dating, and now are married. "A massage therapist's boundaries can be different from say, a traditional psychotherapist," notes Reinisch.

But, "it would be a huge mistake professionally, psychologically and legally, for any massage therapist to use their clients as a dating pool."Bottom line, he says, if your massage therapist makes advances that make you feel uncomfortable, get up from the table and leave the room immediately.

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Then, just as she reached the door, she turned around at the last minute, looked at him with eyes suddenly displaying a huge crush, and blurted out, ' Would you like to go out for coffee sometime? No matter how many he works with they all are very attractive to him.