My best friend is dating another girl sirius satellite radio updating mazda

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My best friend is dating another girl

If he really can't admit that she's done something wrong, it might be because he's placing her on a pedestal and that isn't fair to you.Source: Shutter Stock his girlfriend, your BF should be putting you first once in a while.But it can be difficult to tell the difference when you’re already feeling jealous and emotional, so that’s where I come in.I’m not trying to make you guys nervous or freak you out – but if you feel like your boyfriend might be crushing on his best friend, there are some signs you can look out for it.They might know something you don't or it just might be more obvious to everyone outside of the situation. Of course there are going to be times where you might feel a little out of the loop, but in general, your BF should be trying to include you in their friendship and making you feel welcome - not making you feel like you're intruding. But if you really, really feel like he is and some of these signs match up, yet he insists he doesn't have feelings for her... Gut feelings, especially about stuff like this, are usually true. Source: Shutter Stock When you hang out with the two of them, how do you feel? Source: Shutter Stock I say this all the time, but go with your gut. Source: Shutter Stock Are you dating a guy with a girl best friend? But it becomes a warning sign when he just won't stop talking about her.

Does she always know he's in a bad mood before you do?

and it happens even more when your boyfriend has a best friend who’s a girl.

We get a ton of questions from you guys on a daily basis about boyfriends who have BFFs who are girls.

If it happens constantly, it could mean that's because he'd rather talk to her than you.

Source: Shutter Stock This is a big one, because your boyfriend should never be comparing you to anyone else. And usually when that happens, they're comparing you to that person for a reason. If he had some sort of sad, unrequited crush on her for years, that could be a warning sign.

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