Origin of carbon 14 dating

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Yes, air gets hot, but air is matter, not an absence of it.) Where did this "superdense core" come from?

Gamow solemnly came up with a scientific answer for this; he said it came as a result of "the big squeeze," when the emptiness made up its mind to crowd together.

—As the story goes, explosion after explosion took place as loose gas pressed itself into stars and then those stars exploded.

Hundreds of billions of stars were exploding all over the universe. There was no reason why it started, and there was no way for it to stop.

Then, with true scientific aplomb, he named this solid core of nothing, "ylem" (pronounced "ee-lum").

The density of matter at this moment was infinite.'"This concept of infinite density is not scientific.Then matter and energy spread outward in all directions, cooling as it expanded. The gas collected into clouds which formed galaxies during the next half billion years. Within the galaxies, stars form and die and new ones form." The initial "Bang" explosion is said to have produced only hydrogen and perhaps helium, but after the stars had pushed themselves together—they began exploding like strings of firecrackers.Then, reforming, large numbers exploded a second time. All 90 elements had been produced by the second wave of explosions!It all sounds so simple, just as you would find in a science fiction novel. When all this emptiness exploded, it traveled outward and condensed into hydrogen and helium.A total vacuum, they tell us, had become something! Herman devised the basic Big Bang model in 1948-1949.

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But in some strange manner, unexplainable by the laws of physics, it did it anyway.

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