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Outside the government building Rachel and her news team congratulated themselves on their scoop.

Jack looked out of the grime window at the stifling heat haze. In her mid twenties Rachel Goodbody was making a name for herself as her channels feistiest reporter. Its just the generals little game, weve already done the damage why is this going to make any difference? Ah Miss Goodbody please forgive me but my general requests he meet you at his personal residence. We have nothing to discuss with the general, now can we please get under way.

The audience of news hacks cursed under their breath at her luck at the same time noticing that this was hardly a denial from the bloated General, long serving president of his country.

The media scrum then erupted in questions, none the general would answer and as he stormed from the podium he glared back at Rachel as she fended off questions of her own.

And can you explain the site of mass killings I visited yesterday north of the Butta River?

Once again he paused before replying then gave a bitter yet revealing answer.

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Good, smiled Rachel wiping her brow in the intense African heat.

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