Taurus and cancer dating

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Taurus and cancer dating

You have to work smartly and delegate unimportant things to other people to reduce stress.

Do not neglect issues like toenail fungus or itching eyes.

While you're probably right that rebellion for its own sake isn't a wise idea, there's certainly a time and a place for improving the status quo. 5-star rating Your Daily Horoscope's 5-star rating is based on the effect of the Moon's current Zodiacal energy on your Sun sign.

In November 2017, the bulls will get opportunities for overseas travel, higher education and for enhancing your spiritual awareness.

The 2017 horoscope predicts that professionally you can advance as per your targets in November 2017. There will be some minor obstructions after the 22nd for progress in business.

The Taurus health is quite fragile and you have to be careful in November 2017.

Rest and relaxation are required to stay physically fit.

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