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Having merged with several other US financial services companies and banks of the day, American Express started to expand its reach nationwide, striking up partnerships with other companies involved in mail distribution, transport and financial services across the US.

It’s first venture in the world of finance was money orders, a product designed to compete with the US Post Office, which had pioneered a similar method of transferring money, in what can be classed as a forerunner to the modern cheque.

American Express can be thought of in much the same way as VISA and Master Card, and for all practical purposes, that’s as true when you’re depositing and withdrawing from your online casino account as it is when you’re paying for a meal at your favourite restaurant.

The complications begin when it comes time to find somewhere that will accept your card, and that’s for deposits, let alone withdrawals.

As a huge financial services company, you’d expect them to have strong security measures in place to prevent fraud and theft, and you would be correct.

American Express has stood the test of time, and today stands as one of the most secure methods you can use for transacting online.

It was until the 1950s and early 1960s that American Express set about trying to become one of the world’s leading card companies.

However, from your own point of view, the higher up the Amex pyramid you climb, the better the rewards for you, in terms of cashback, extended credit and low fees – not to mention the other perks.

You won’t be waiting around for hours for your balance to update with American Express.

Security & trust: Two of the most important factors for making any kind of payment online, security and trust are at the forefront of the American Express offering.

Instead, it’s simply a case of pulling out your card, entering the numbers, and getting started.

In this respect, American Express is just as convenient as any other credit card for making your deposits or withdrawals.

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While it has not quite reached the same levels of popularity as VISA and Master Card, it is still widely supported by merchants online and offline – and online casinos are no exception.