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Who is steve byers dating

After his crayon “map” is re-created via pictures (and one very speedy photo-lab technician), he indicates exactly the spot where Hawkins Lab should send their soldiers.

“He doesn’t want me to see that,” Will says, implying that the shadow monster is attempting to keep his Achilles heel a secret.

• Nancy, Jonathan, and Murray use one of the few weapons available to them — a tape recorder — to make duplicate copies of Dr.

Owens’s confession and then ship them off to newspapers of note.

Within seconds, they’re surrounded by the demogorgons that just hurried off from Dustin, Steve, Lucas, and Max. In the end, Will couldn’t help himself: His conscience won out over the shadow monster and he tried to warn the crew.After collapsing in pain and screaming that his body feels as if it’s on fire, Will has been taken to Hawkins Lab, where not a single smart old white dude in a sea of smart old white dudes seems to know what’s wrong with him. Owens tests his theory by exposing a bit of the monster to a blowtorch and then watching as Will writhes in tandem agony.He describes Will’s possession as viral, except in this case, there’s no clear way to kill the disease without killing the host.Hunkered down inside Murray’s bunker, she and Jonathan finally, finally, FINALLY release their inhibitions and feel the rain on their skin.It takes some genius prodding from Murray, who has zapoyed himself into oblivion, but he nonetheless nails it: Jonathan does have trust issues stemming from his father! They really have been through “the real shit” together!

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somewhere, having dug a tunnel and escaped the Henderson family cellar for freedom.